Principles of Public Relations: PUR 3000

Principles of Public Relations

           This summer I took Principles of Public Relations with Dr. Kelli Burns. As an advertising major I walked into the class room as a blank slate, not knowing much about Public Relations. On the first day of class Dr. Burns asked us to define public relations, I assure you, after taking this class and learning so much I am embarrassed to even look back at what I wrote. I thought Public Relations was establishing relationships with the public. Throughout this semester I found out that Public Relations is so much more, and not as easy as I assumed.

         Throughout this semester we learned the history of Public Relations which gave us a better understanding of how Public Relations was developed, and its important role in our society today. We went over what functions public relations have within an organization; also understood the communication theories. One of my favorite elements we learned so far was the strategic process to the practice of public relations that involves research, planning, tactics and measurement. What I have just described is just a quarter of what Dr. Burn’s class has to offer. If you are interested in being involved in event planning, or working for a non-profit organization. Her class will teach you everything you need to learn.

       Furthermore, not only do you learn interesting material, that I personally believe you can apply to any major you are in some way. Dr. Buns also lets you get involved in an event to really get hand on experience with Public Relations. A social media campaign is also conducted, which gets us to explore the creative campaigns that Public Relations has to offer. Finally, Dr. Burns also told us to create a personal brand project. My personal brand project is something that I can take with me when applying for jobs. Now, when someone Google’s my name, my Word Press website will be listed for people to see. How amazing is that? We also had to establish a Twitter account, LinkedIn account, which are vital tools for networking and exposure. Furthermore, I learned how to create a presentation using Prezi, a tool I know I will use from now on.

In conclusion Principles of Public Relations is a great class, and I have come a long way from my first day of class. I feel like I know how to manage events and even deal with crisis situations. Although I am not a Public Relations major, I feel I have learned so much that I can apply to my future, whichever direction that may lead. Dr. Burns is an excellent professor and I would highly recommend anyone to take this class without hesitation, you truly walk out of the classroom felling more educated. As my last note, what surprised me most as an advertising student, is that Public Relations can be more effective then advertising at times, that really stunned me and wanted to learn more. Again, PUR3000 is highly recommended, especially with Dr. Burn’s class layout.


Volunteer experience at coolTECH

I am currently taking Principles of Public Relations at the University of South Florida with Dr. Burns, and in her class she gave us an assignment to go out in our community and volunteer for an event. I never understood the value of this assignment until the experience was gone through.

I chose to volunteer at coolTECH on June10th. The Tampa Bay Technology Form, partnership with MOSI to host their fourth annual coolTECH showcase of superior innovations and new technologies. TBTF objective was to increase awareness of new innovative technology so they put together an event. The event attracted many businesses, entrepreneurs, student groups, educational institutions, innovators and more as the event was open to the public. 50 exhibitors showcased their technologies, where more than 550 people who attended the event got to see how those exhibitors brought new innovative ideas to change and impact the way we live, work and enjoy our lives The event hosted a very successful entrepreneur, Craig Newmark, founder of, where the guests had the privilege of hearing him give a speech of encouragements, and advise. Lori Taylor and Kimberly Wander are the two members that took control over the event.

My overall experience volunteering at coolTECH was great, despite not receiving instructions prior to the event; it was a wondering learning experience. My volunteering experience started at 12:00pm. The exhibition was open to the public at 1:30pm; however, some members were involved in a special lunch in, and got the privilege of hearing Mr. Craig Newmark give a speech. These member purchases a special package and arrived early, so our day started as early as 12:30pm.

The event coordinator gave me and another one of my peers the role of taking charge of the entering participants; we had to look up their reservations, if they were pre-registered, find their name tags and make sure to answer any questions they had. Throughout the volunteering experience I got along great with all the staff and volunteers and felt that we all work efficiently to solve any problems that occurred with professionalism.

After volunteering at coolTECH I learned that planning an event takes effective planning, and involves a lot of work. CoolTECH was a vital tool in Public Relations for TBTF as it allowed them to reach their main objective – letting companies tell their story. I can say I learned more through this experience then I predicated I would. Even though they were complications, I believe the complications taught me just how hard managing an event are.

This experience really gave me a new found appreciation of event planning and the hard work that is involved. I would defiantly recommend anyone to who is interested in Public Relations and event planning, to go out there and volunteer! It’s great experience and involves excellent networking.

Here are some following pictures I captured at the event to share with you all! :

Twitter Chat



               Internchat was a very interesting and enjoyable experience. I found it fascinating that through a chat supported by twitter, twitter users where finding solutions to their problems and questions they had. Internchat is great way for undergraduates and graduates to learn about internship opportunities, and everything else associated with that topic.

             One of the main topics of Internchat was about Virtual Internships. Ayeshazahd, a twitter member said that virtual internships allow a person to work online, via e-mail, chat, phone etc. that you don’t have to be on site to network. Matthew T. Forrest also agreed that virtual internships are great if you have school, a job etc. Carleebb also notes that she feels like she is getting more work done with a virtual internship then she ever did with an in-office one because she was allowed more set hours. Through this discussion I learned a lot about virtual internship, something I never even knew existed. That discussion alone, further proves my point about the importance the chat had, educating and leading people to answers.

          @internqueen, was one of the main participates that had all the answers to the following questions twitter users would have. I asked @internqueen and #internchat, how many internship is ideal to have upon graduation? That question created a lot of involvement in the chat. Some said they had 20 in college, and others said they had 3. The majority agreed that it is not about quantity but quality. One member said as a manager, he would question why that person had so many internships, which I though was an interesting point.

        Though they are so many positives about twitter chat, Some of the challenges I faced through twitter chat was not being able to complete my sentence due to the short 140 characters I am allowed to type, that factor never annoyed me more than it did when being involved in a c hat, because when answering somebody’s question, I really wanted to elaborate on what I was saying to help the twitter user.

       What amazed me most was after getting involved in the chat I had 8 followers follow me. That aspect really showed me the value of chats on twitter, how you can network, be in involved, answer and ask questions, and expand your contacts. My twitter chat experience was very enjoyable and educational. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to get involved and chat on twitter! A special thanks to Dr. Burns for showing us great tools to take advantage of.

To read my twitter blog as a PDF : Twitter Chat