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               Internchat was a very interesting and enjoyable experience. I found it fascinating that through a chat supported by twitter, twitter users where finding solutions to their problems and questions they had. Internchat is great way for undergraduates and graduates to learn about internship opportunities, and everything else associated with that topic.

             One of the main topics of Internchat was about Virtual Internships. Ayeshazahd, a twitter member said that virtual internships allow a person to work online, via e-mail, chat, phone etc. that you don’t have to be on site to network. Matthew T. Forrest also agreed that virtual internships are great if you have school, a job etc. Carleebb also notes that she feels like she is getting more work done with a virtual internship then she ever did with an in-office one because she was allowed more set hours. Through this discussion I learned a lot about virtual internship, something I never even knew existed. That discussion alone, further proves my point about the importance the chat had, educating and leading people to answers.

          @internqueen, was one of the main participates that had all the answers to the following questions twitter users would have. I asked @internqueen and #internchat, how many internship is ideal to have upon graduation? That question created a lot of involvement in the chat. Some said they had 20 in college, and others said they had 3. The majority agreed that it is not about quantity but quality. One member said as a manager, he would question why that person had so many internships, which I though was an interesting point.

        Though they are so many positives about twitter chat, Some of the challenges I faced through twitter chat was not being able to complete my sentence due to the short 140 characters I am allowed to type, that factor never annoyed me more than it did when being involved in a c hat, because when answering somebody’s question, I really wanted to elaborate on what I was saying to help the twitter user.

       What amazed me most was after getting involved in the chat I had 8 followers follow me. That aspect really showed me the value of chats on twitter, how you can network, be in involved, answer and ask questions, and expand your contacts. My twitter chat experience was very enjoyable and educational. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to get involved and chat on twitter! A special thanks to Dr. Burns for showing us great tools to take advantage of.

To read my twitter blog as a PDF : Twitter Chat


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