Principles of Public Relations: PUR 3000

Principles of Public Relations

           This summer I took Principles of Public Relations with Dr. Kelli Burns. As an advertising major I walked into the class room as a blank slate, not knowing much about Public Relations. On the first day of class Dr. Burns asked us to define public relations, I assure you, after taking this class and learning so much I am embarrassed to even look back at what I wrote. I thought Public Relations was establishing relationships with the public. Throughout this semester I found out that Public Relations is so much more, and not as easy as I assumed.

         Throughout this semester we learned the history of Public Relations which gave us a better understanding of how Public Relations was developed, and its important role in our society today. We went over what functions public relations have within an organization; also understood the communication theories. One of my favorite elements we learned so far was the strategic process to the practice of public relations that involves research, planning, tactics and measurement. What I have just described is just a quarter of what Dr. Burn’s class has to offer. If you are interested in being involved in event planning, or working for a non-profit organization. Her class will teach you everything you need to learn.

       Furthermore, not only do you learn interesting material, that I personally believe you can apply to any major you are in some way. Dr. Buns also lets you get involved in an event to really get hand on experience with Public Relations. A social media campaign is also conducted, which gets us to explore the creative campaigns that Public Relations has to offer. Finally, Dr. Burns also told us to create a personal brand project. My personal brand project is something that I can take with me when applying for jobs. Now, when someone Google’s my name, my Word Press website will be listed for people to see. How amazing is that? We also had to establish a Twitter account, LinkedIn account, which are vital tools for networking and exposure. Furthermore, I learned how to create a presentation using Prezi, a tool I know I will use from now on.

In conclusion Principles of Public Relations is a great class, and I have come a long way from my first day of class. I feel like I know how to manage events and even deal with crisis situations. Although I am not a Public Relations major, I feel I have learned so much that I can apply to my future, whichever direction that may lead. Dr. Burns is an excellent professor and I would highly recommend anyone to take this class without hesitation, you truly walk out of the classroom felling more educated. As my last note, what surprised me most as an advertising student, is that Public Relations can be more effective then advertising at times, that really stunned me and wanted to learn more. Again, PUR3000 is highly recommended, especially with Dr. Burn’s class layout.


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